Any chance for x1 material PvP server?

May be it possible to bring 2-5 servers with all x1 and normal PvP? They can be stable and popular servers among x2 PvP.
Think x2 rate of material gain on PvP ruin the gameplay, cause it’s will too simple to rebuild and just spam buildings. Also it diminishes the value of raid in case that ppl will not raid for resourses and will not raid for destroy. Last meaning is to steal thralls, but it’s only 1/3 of initial PvP content.

Yes, x2 resource is crap. It really kills one of the most important mechanics of the game. I can understand people liking the “blitz” aspect of it, but in no way it could replace other servers.

Not to mention how far the lucky few who get on a server will be ahead of the pack. I got on a server for half an hour earlier and there were massive bases

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