Any chance of a character creator upgrade?

The character models are cool. We all love the freedom certain sliders give us.

But is there any plans on adding more, or making the current ones do more? Im not asking for like Black Desert level character creation but a few more options would be amazing.

Its on the list of things they want to do, but it is way low priority because of the effort it would take to do and the impact it would have on a very large portion of the player base (aka the ones who already use customizations).

There’s not really a way to make everyone happy with this. The ones who don’t use mods want it to work perfectly (otherwise if it was important enough, they’d use the mods with the detriment that using them comes with). That means no clipping with hairs or armors.

Currently such customizations almost universally come with clipping issues. But those who use mods over look it. Those who don’t, won’t overlook it (and haven’t been willing to). But implementing this will break the mods and looks people have been using for years.

So those who already use non-vanilla customizations will be mad they break. Those who don’t will be mad that there is issues that will take literally months if not years to sort through. And the ones who don’t mod and wouldn’t mind the issues are a very small fraction.

Basically you make a super majority upset, and it doesn’t bring enough sales to justify the coder’s salary while they do it. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen. But there is a ton of major feature overhauls that need to happen first. Its an Age level amount of work when we still need revamps of the food/drink system and the religion system.

I do think we’ll see it. Just not in 2024. Maybe 2025. Probably 2026.

But mostly never.

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