Any Chance of a East Coast No-Ping Official PVP server?

There have been a number of players asking and wanting a No-Ping server set to the Eastern Coast of America timezone (I realize there are a few different tz there but they would be close at least to east coast players times). Current both of the pvp America no-ping servers are set to PST.

Current no-ping is still going strong with 1931 server being listed as Rank #29 of officials.

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This is a serious question. Would No Ping Settings allow some people to use an organic “lag switch” type tactic when in melee?

Due to the fact that my rural internet is somewhat sketch, I’ll get a high ping in-game and very, very rarely will I be kicked. The no-ping is for entry into the server. I have noticed fewer Chinese and Russian streamers will go to the extent of using a VPN when attaching to a no-ping, which results in things staying a bit more honest, IMO.

I would definitely play on an East Coast (Eastern Time Zone) multinational server.


No way. All i ever see when it comes to exploiting is “there is a Chinese/Russian clan that is xxxxxx”. So yo are saying that there are legit players from all over, and there are cheaters from all over. Crazy Talk.

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When we switched during the summer of “Some Ping Wrong,” all international players left my primary Official. We even had a couple of Brazilians! (scandalous)

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Agreed. The atmosphere is great on no-pings now.

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Sunday morning… I was just reviewing some very old footage from before the ping limit was put in place. Those were some really great times: a tribe with an Argentine and two New Zealanders, plus a good assortment of age ranges of Russian players. Canadians, buncha USers from all over. It was fun, hoping it can happen again. :memo:

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