Any chance of a shark head cosmetic?

we have rabbit heads Ape heads horse heads , enough with the Terran based heads hows about an aquatic head, thanks on behalf of all fish cheers :slight_smile: make it happen Great white head please :slight_smile: with nice teeth

Furries, furries everywhere.

Unlikely. While the Bunny head did have some connection to the story (same with the head of some park mascott) a sharkhead would have to be created from scratch. And they prefer to not do that outside of caches or connected to new content since more work for such things means less avaidable work for bugfixing and new content. Which most would agree is the thing players want.
That said doesn’t hurt trying it. #KawaiiCache

What a strange request!

Something like this?

All player things are made from scratch, there is no copy paste from NPC to PC.

You do know that the people making outfits are not the same who fixes bugs and makes content, right?

Actually, the graphics artists doing costumes probably are the same graphics artists who do graphics for new content, and they’re probably involved in fix graphics bugs, too. It’s not like SWL has a huge team where anyone would be working on costumes exclusively.

It depends on the size of team.
One extreme case is those indie games made by one person where that person alone is the designer/engineer/artist or even musician.

On the other hand, there are big studios that have different artists only focusing on specific things, even making costumes, they can have a group of fashion designers/concept artist, 3D modelers, animators, shader scripters, technical artists and their supporting people like tool/plugin engineers.
And they can be totally not involved in environment art/modelling/lighting/graphics effects.

SWL is somewhere between, and fixes are highly bug depended, you can’t just grab an modeler and say “Hey, the collision is not right.” or “I think the particle/telegraph are not drawing right.” They will most likely have no idea what you need them to do unless an engineer or technical artist join the discussion.

If the fundamental technical infrastructure is robust, modelers simply just need to use existed system to demonstrate their art talent again and again. If a bug is just about art assets, like bad texture, incorrect bounding boxes. Those shall be fixed easily. Just open the tools, do what engineers(who are like sustain tanks :stuck_out_tongue: of the team ) asked, save, submit to svn/pforce or whatever version control tools they are using, maybe also write some document about it on JIRA/confluence. That’s it. And it’s easy to verified on QA side.

However, it’s most likely we are seeing bugs technical related most of the time. Just as the game and its engine is more than 10 years old, it can be hard to track down and crack.