Any chance of PvP Blitz coming back?

In the early days of Conan Exiles, there was a server type called PvP Blitz that had accelerated crafting and leveling. The thing, though, was that the servers would completely wipe at the start of every month so everyone started fresh again.

I absolutely loved this setup. It was like a month long battle royale. It also eliminated the issue of infinitely stocked clans on existing servers - a problem that greatly dampens my desire to play. Everyone was on relatively even ground and fighting for build spots each month was great. It was such a dynamic way to play and I miss it so much. Is there any chance at all that this server type will make a return? Even if just a couple servers were released, it would be awesome.

Well, the leveling was accelerated so it made it easier, but I get how that style of play isn’t for everyone. The option to play like that would be nice though.

i’ve waited a long time for such a suggestion to come out, plus on blitz server, stability issue would be minor due to complete cleaning every month. Hell, they could even host a sort of competitive mod by registering kills of every people.

YES to you ! YES TO BLITZ !

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It’s not that bad. On TestLive 5X you could legit do it in about 16 hours if you’re trying to make landclaims. If you’re just focused on leveling, it could probably be done in 12 or fewer, especially with a clan. Some exclusions apply, offer void in Stygia, not including crafting and dismantling for levels.

From what I’ve seen I think you would do well at Blitz/Mayhem.

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