Any chance to increase the drawing distance?

Aye it was one of the first major disappointments wayyy back in EA when I realized that my painstakingly lit tower wouldn’t work as a beacon from far away (nights used to be REAL dark then!) because the torches would only really start working when I was so close it didn’t really matter.


Agreed, I’ve often tried to build around scenic landforms with the goal of having lordly views from my base, and inspiring views when approaching. Yet particularly at night, the bases loading long before the torches turn on just makes things look bleak and gloomy instead. Really wish torches and braziers would illuminate structures as the bases come into view instead of after closing half the distance.


Maybe Funcom will make it an option if they get time and enough people ask about it?

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Well, an option might make sense for PvE, but for PvP some people being able to see further than others could be problematic. PvP players have been vocally against even a setting that allows players to hide their helmet (something that’s quite common in other games in this genre) because it goes against the WYSIWYG sensibilities of the game.

Anyway, while you and I might not care about accommodating people who try playing on a potato, I suspect Funcom may have a different sentiment since shrinking their potential player base (by way of raising minimum system requirements) could impact their revenue stream.

Still, they’ve made other optimizations in base loading recently, so maybe we’ll get lucky here too…

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What about making it a server wide setting? Then admins could choose what works best for most of the people playing on each server.

Yeah, I think they’d probably have to. Only problem is, if 99% of the players are on official servers then unless that setting is also applied as the new default setting, the most of the population will never benefit from it. Kinda like the Land Claim Announcer being added yet disabled on all Official servers… yes, even on the PvE servers. :frowning:

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Hopefully, whoever manages those servers would change the settings at that point.:thinking:

And I had no clue there was an actual announcer for decay. I may need to turn decay back on to test it. lol :open_mouth:

Not a Decay announcer, but for Land Claim. It’s so you know when you’re on land that’s already been claimed by someone else. Sadly it’s disabled on official PvE servers. So no clue if it actually even works or not.

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It was supposed to be off only on PvP servers, though, wasn’t it?

Funcom put a poll up for us to vote if it should be on or off for the PvE and/or PvE-c servers … I can’t remember the outcome but it is off on PvE as far as I can tell so I guess it fell on the off option

I wish I had as much faith in “poll result = implementation” as you :smiley:

(I’m assuming you’re talking about this poll: Land Claim Markers / Notifications - Poll)

The way I read that, 52% were happy with the feature as-is, some of whom would prefer it off on PvP, an additional 14% felt it would be good but needed a cost associated with it, while 34% wanted it off.

Personally i don’t really care, I play PvE and I almost always carry a repair hammer with me anyway (so I can scout my neighbors if I want to).

No it was this poll from the lovely Tascha after it had been decided to have off on official PvP servers, our opinions were sought re pve and pve-c official servers.

Ah okay, thanks for that. It shows more or less the same picture though - sure, the “off for all” was the option with the most votes (35%), but 65% were in favor of it being on for PvE (some of whom also wanted it on for PvE-C). So reading that poll like “most people wanted it off” is… odd.

The poll options didn’t make any sense to people who hadn’t played on TestLive. They could have at least written up how it worked (with screenshots or video clips) so that everyone else could make informed decisions. Instead, all the poll options kept referencing was “as it is now”. A lot of good that does to the vast majority of users who might like to have a say but don’t have the time to go rolling-up testlive characters. :-\

If you are on a private server you can modify this in the ini settings.

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