Any dynamic weather after tutorial island?

so far, tooooo much sun :laughing: i need my rain/snow later on.

do other zones have weather?

There are some areas that have occasional rain, Wild Lands of Zelata and Northern Grasslands for example, but those weather effects are really lackluster in my opinion. The rain instantly starts, the sun still shines normally bright and you barely notice the rain often, I only noticed it from the splashes on the ground in areas without grass.

ok thanks

In most other zones there is random weather and cycling days / nights. One of my pet peeves is that tortage doesn’t have a day night cycle. there’s just two different versions tortage day and tortage night.

I don’t think it’s in most zones. For example, I don’t think I have ever seen snow fall from the sky in Cimmeria, nor did I see rain in most cimmerian playfields other than Lacheish Plains where it rains I think.
None of the Stygian playfields has weather effects, no rain, no sandstorm, just day and night cycles.

So yeah, the only playfields I definitely know of that have random weather are Wild Lands and Northern Grasslands.