Any good servers for EU - PvE - worth checking out?

It is hard to recommend official servers because most of them are littered with way too big bases, on most official servers I’d say that you should expect that 20-30% of players break the rules for what is accepted, and most popular places are filled with huge bases that quite often leave very little room for new players, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place for a base though, just something to be aware of :wink:

Also what region are you from?
It would be pointless for me to recommend some EU servers if you are located in an entirely different region.

What are you looking for in a server…
Busy with lots of players, spacious and not too overbuilt, servers with a high community sense, servers that aren’t constantly constipated(laggy and glitchy)?
Also please note that servers over time can go from being good to bad in a short while, you are playing with people where some don’t care about others and often treat a server as their own private sandbox :joy:

Like I said, there are rules, but quite often rule breaking is only dealt by admin if other players report them, so with that said, I can highly recommend reading the rules to avoid a possible wipe and ban(most people likely never do)

Terms of conduct:

Examples of Landclaim abuse(what not to do):

Hope I didn’t scare you with these informations, but official servers aren’t actively admined other than through player reports, so offical servers are a bit Wild West :grin: