Any Help for Build Blood Magic Healer?

I look any information for Blood Magic healer (New Player) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry My bad english

Short Version: Get Mend, Sanctuary, Expunge Blight, Communion. Get Signet of Bloodletting, Incantation, and Blood Rites.

Longer Version:
Blood healing is partially preventive in nature. So try use it as such =).

Mend will be the primary skill to use, as you want to save your Energy for when your tank takes a big hit. Because of the high cost of Power abilities, it can be fatal if you have 0 Energy when that big hit comes.

General rule about Power abilities (Sanctuary and Convalesce for blood) the single target one is great for tank focused healing, while the AoE one really sucks for the tank, and should primarily be used in fights where there is team wide damage. If your secondary weapon is also a healing one, you can alternatively bring the AoE Power from the secondary weapon, and Single Target Power from the primary weapon. You generally only wanna bring one Power ability per weapon.

Expunge Blight works both as a shield and as a preemptive cleanse. It can be used to shield the team against a big hit you know is coming, or you can use it when the tank HP goes low, and you need to slow down the incoming damage while you pick their HP up again.

Communion is a great AoE heal and emergency heal, but also doubles down as a cleanse.

You could bring Redemption, but with the current state of Blood, I generally wouldn’t worry about bringing it.

Runic Hex could be fun to play around with, as it curses targets to heal whoever they are hitting. Could maybe help when dealing with adds, but you could very likely have a secondary weapon ability that is more interesting to bring.

For Signets, get the Power and Basic signet that belongs to Blood (Blood Rites and Incantation), for the Elite signet you could go with either the Cool Down one (Bloodletting) or the Increased dmg/healing one (Rituals). I personally would go with Bloodletting so the purge from Communion is quicker off cool down.

Other Signets the general recommendation is Quickness on Occult, Time and Space on Belt. Wrist and Luck is a bit more up in the air. There are however two Healer specific signet for Luck if you want that extra boost.

An alternative to Time and Space could be Biological Metamorphosis. Time and Space affects more gadgets, and lower their Cool Down, while Metamorphosis only work on healing gadgets and greatly increases how much they heal.

A gadget that could go nice wiht Metamorphosis is the Concentrated Anima Jet, which can be a nice quick heal if need be, the question is if you need it or not.

As for Glyphs. When you are healing you need no Hit Rating, but unless you want a separate talisman to hold an Accurate glyph for DPS purposes, you might wanna put an Accurate glyph in your healer set. The above also goes for Rifle Healing, which actually hits the enemy to heal, but can do so without any Hit Rating.

Tips for Healing in action. Generally same rules as DPS, stay back and on opposite side of the boss as tank, but …

If there are add spawns, figure out where they come from, and force them to go through the tank to get to you. If they spawn from all sorts of directions, try piggy bag your tank where possible, that way they have to walk into any AoEs the tank is throwing around. In fights where you can easily predict the timing of add spawns, it can be a good idea to halt healing before they spawn, that way you give the tank time to pick them up safely.

There are bosses that doesn’t cleave. When they don’t, it’s usually for a reason. In these fights it can be worth it to break from the general rules of opposite side and far away from boss. Bosses with Adds rarely cleave for instance. Other bosses don’t cleave because they have mechanics that make it safer to be in the area where they would normally cleave you.

Lastly try and look out for where your tank might go next. Most bosses are fairly stationary, but some fights include walking around objects or running around with the boss. Healers enemy number 1) Tank breaking line of sight. Healers enemy number 2) Tank running out of range. With experience you can learn to minimize these moments.


Ups rather important thing i didnt mention for Mend. The Basic heals split into two, one goes to the person you have targetted (usually tank) the other seeks out whoever has the lowest percentage health. This auto targeting goes a long way to heal the rest of the team, unless there is legit team wide damage happening. It also helps smooth out changing targets if its nessecary to do so.