Any idea what is this?

My clan mate got this item, i dont know from where or how he got it.

It’s an old bug. Pets and mounts often drop their animations as an item in inventory.
It does nothing and have value for player character.
Just throw it away.

Isn’t it obvious? It’s shorthand for a dead horse from the year 1 BC.

Now what you should be asking is why your clanmate is walking around with a long dead horse in a sack. :wink:


Thats the hidden “Beating the Dead Horse” Thread of many forums. Someone trow it away and now it had been found again

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Some times ago Szeth the drunk dropped his animations too and you could use them.

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Sometime last year I equipped a bag like that on my wheel on Ps4 it was something’s move wasn’t useful then I had a hard time removing it. Throw them away now. Or put in chest as souvenirs.

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