Any issues with Stormglass Cathedral?

I’m thinking about getting the Stormglass Cathedral set, but I was wondering if anyone’s come across any issues with it yet?

I’m not asking if you think it’s worth it, that’s all personal preference. I mean, does it have in-game issues? Do the textures not line up, or mismatch, with the other pieces in the set? Does some piece not interact well with pieces from other sets? Weird overlaps? That kind of thing.

I have not had any issues with it. It is huge though. As a result don’t use it on officials.

That won’t be an issue, I have my own server.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Something to note: the big windows and double doors are foundation-thickness, not wall thickness. This makes it difficult to place them on anything built on triangle foundations.

Other than that I haven’t encountered any problems with the Cathedral pieces. I haven’t tried to combine them with other building sets yet, but I have a project in the works that will, once I can bother to harvest 100,000 stone and turn them into bricks.


Good to know, thanks.
I usually support my gates with foundations, so that part won’t be an issue. But foundation thick windows is unfortunate.

I’ve already bought the set, but that wouldn’t have changed my mind. I just haven’t had a chance to start my build yet. I’m sure I’ll work out the windows somehow.

Yeah. I’ve built some “round” structures using those thick window pieces and gates. You just need to plan those structures in a way that those pieces slot onto square foundations. I can try to remember to take some screenshots when I get home.

So, it turns out there is some misalignment with the pieces.
The foundation-sized window doesn’t line up with the foundation-sized door. :frowning:

Have you tried both sides? Not sure if its different though

Both sides look the same, and it was difficult just trying to get it to snap in place, but I’m pretty sure both sides have the same misalignment.

Got it, yeah the duo tiles are really hard to place down

Well, I finally remembered to take a screenshot:

(It’s still very much a work in progress, and it’s growing somewhat organically, so it looks weird.)

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Just an update to this…I did finally get it to line up correctly.
I moved my build to another location, and when I placed down the door I paid attention to what direction the arrow was facing. Then when I put down the window, I was able to position it so that it fit nicely.

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The double doors and rose window pieces do not provide 100% stability as you might suspect. Same thing for the pillars that snap to foundation corners, although they provide more stability than the corner pieces of the extended Turanian set which provide 0 stability.

The storm-glass cathedral set glass floor/ceiling square and wedge inherited the same flaw as the base set’s sloped glass roof. Expect rain falling through those pieces should you build using then where it rains.

I don’t mean wet floors but instead visible raindrops falling through the ‘glass.’ a non-issue in biomes where it never rains… such as all of Siptah,

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I did notice that on my last build, but it was the original sloped ones I guess. Just in one spot, I could see the rain. Somewhere I don’t normally stand, but do run past. At the time, the grass had clipped through the foundations again, so I wrote it off as associated with that.

I like to build in the jungle, using the Lemurian ruins, so it rains all the time. Good to know about this, thanks.

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