Any Patch Notes?

Maybe a picture of the new ring’s stats?

New ring? I haven’t seen anything about the ‘update’

New item shop box has a legendary ring…

Funcom: if you would guarantee a purple drop from those boxes I bet you’d sell a lot more. The rare drops are garbage and I’d be more likely to win the 1 million dollar jackpot at Barona Casino from a slot than a legendary ring.

Just a thought.

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So nothing? No answer?

Then the game would be truly pay to win
Someone posted it in global earlier today.
Here is a screenshot of some of the possible weapons you can get too.

basically the copy of pvp 10 weaps without the requirement under a new skin wrap. Not sure why legendary cos a lot of pve t3.5-t4 stuff or pve t3 craft are epic and better than the pvp stuff to do pvp. It’s definetly not going to change much except for the people who can’t let go the old pvp 10 rank that took many months to achieve without sacrificing your sanity to bori.

It’s going to add more people having easily obtainable pvp gear is about it. Could be good for pvp in the long run since the grind to pvp 10 is so long. Still wont make people good in pvp. Only practice can do that. but gear helps

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I think there has been another change in this week’s patch, unrelated to the new ring: in the pet fight arena, the Xanthic Death pet now has a normal amount of HP for a purple pet, whereas earlier it had much less (and was thus faster and easier to kill in the arena than other purple pets).

Seems like they reduced the damage output of the Xantic Death pet as well. And for some reason it did a lot more damage in epic instances.

sadly. we need to keep on fighting rough monsters in horrible pet pit.
Wasn’t easier in 90’s either :frowning:

Oh yeah I just saw it, the Xanthic Death now does crap damage like all the other pets… ugh, another useless pet that I will never summon again. Why would I need a pet that contributes nothing but 9 - 11 DMG every second?