Any performance improvements and fixes for the base code?

Has there been anything done to improve server performance? I know there have been many prior slow downs and maybe issues with gportal too. Have many of the bugs from the base game been addressed, like disappearing bodies, bows not firing, etc? I’m totally not trying to knock the game, just curious if those issues are being fixed…it never makes it in your streams and such.


You know I been the biggest cry baby for the past 3 weeks on here because I couldn’t stay on for more then 10 to 15 minutes with out crashing. So things have changed tonight i been playing off an on now with no problem you know maybe the crashing had something to do with gportal i don’t know but it’s crazy how out of no were i can play don’t know what to think anymore :man_shrugging:

So if it starts to crash again tomorrow or the next day I’m gonna start thinking its more of a server problem then anything else.

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Thats good, but doesn’t actually address most the known bugs and issues, just placates people complaining about the temp system. I kinda liked the challenge of having to need different gear in many areas.

That’s what its supposed to do, some gear has to have more resistance to cold climates than light climates and viceversa.

I always had fun trying to figure out how to do a 5 piece so id be perfect in the desert and at like mounds. It will be super easy now

Think I usually did like 3 heat, 2 cold, and kept 1 extra cold piece to swap in as needed

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