Any plans for a DLC? new locations, new companions, etc

Hey everybody,

Does anyone know or can any of the developers say if there are plans for future DLC? really like the simplistic TBT style and i want to see more of it. I tried a few other games but one crashes on me at the end of the tutorial and another was a bit more complex and it was an older game. I think i would just prefer seeing more of Bormin, Dux, Selma and Foxie. I think i’d be happy even if there was no story related to it. It might be difficult getting the voice actors for the 5 companions back to do more lines. Maybe just have one person narrate the new stuff in the new areas?

Also some of my wish list items

  1. more companions
    1a) maybe another tanky companion so we can swap Bormin out and another Sniper companion so we can swap out Dux? they can be human or animal-like, just would like more options for a tank and sniper other than Bormin and Dux.
  2. more map locations
  3. more enemy packs within each map location
    3a) allow us to take out a pack with loud weapons without alerting other packs in the map