Any prevision for the next hotfix or can I already uninstall the game?

Funcom, we are waiting for at least a simple answer if you are going to release a hotfix fixing the freezes anytime soon, we all know that this is not a simple random crash issue, it is a chronic technical issue that is making most players unable to play, many have already given up and others are just playing because has hope this problem will be fixed in the next few days, but if not, then I will uninstall the game myself


Can uninstall

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Desinstala desinstala

Apparently it’s some big secret

Given how slow it all is it is a toss up for me. I hate all the little bugs the game is littered with. From character physics not working correctly, to draw distance still being an issue, even with an SSD. Now add to that serious FPS around any structure, the transparent and flat looking textures to hair and water and just the overall unreliability of enemy spawns and the just the very shoddy quality of everything I just don’t find myself playing this game that much.

I keep an eye on it but hoping for patches on something so broken that only addresses small issues each patch and introduces a billion more problems than the patch before it did…I just don’t know. It is just getting tiring at this point. We were starved for meaningful content for so long and now when something finally comes up it wrecks the game’s face. I have rarely seen this ever on any console game.


É o jeito pelo visto

I’d go ahead and uninstall. I already did.

Funcom keeps saying Sony restrictions are to blame for the delay, but…I literally have never seen a company take this long for simple hotfixes and blame it on Sony authorization protocols.

If the update/hotfix is coming, it’s probably not coming this year.

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@TheLastGingerAle This is a lie from Funcom, on Fortnite when there is a critical bug, they send a hotfix on the same day.


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