Any Siptah content coming to the exiles map?

Is any of the new creatures and pets and enemies of the Siptah map coming to the exile land map? Also is the PS4 version gonna get any updates this year? Since the Siptah is for next year.

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Hey there,

Isle of Siptah DLC content is exclusive to the Isle of Siptah DLC, but its items can be used in the Exiled Lands -and can to some extent be used by people not owning the DLC-, as with all DLCs. See the Downloadable Content wiki page for explanation.

The developers are currently working on hotfixes for ongoing issues with the console versions. Once they are done pushing hotfixes for PC they will start working on a parity patch for consoles to get some of the content from the Isle of Siptah patch in, but there’s a likelyhood it’ll not be ready this year. See Upcoming features on the wiki for more information.

Feel free to ask any questions.

So you are saying the content is not replacing or adding to exiled lands, but admins can spawn with admin powers?

Looks like we have to wait

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