Any Size Comparison to the map size?

this is important.

Important enough a quick Google search, or looking at any FAQs, streams, or the discord wouldn’t do?

Roughly 75% of the size.

This is my only beef so far with new map. With mounts, it really seems the old map is now too small. Now it will be more so on Siptah since it is a smaller map.

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i bet it will be smaller than 75 %

if it is 75 % , and everything seems to be happingin in the center of the island, i wodner how usefull it will be for anyone , there are no static camps, no thralls to be found there. i am guessing people will build as close as possible to where the action is… tomorrow we will see!

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Why would you bet on something already proven?

we will see tomorrow,

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Yes give or take but size also matters to no build areas too if there lots then map may be smaller in terms but with out all those npcs camps it could be bigger just depends but you right I say but we will seeeeeeeeeeee everything hehe haha

The Dev stream said the new map is 1/4 smaller than the old map. Clear enough?

Wonder why the rhino goes so slow?

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