Any suggestion to help me kill the Black Kappa (solved and really satisfying)

I have two of the Black Kappa near my base. I tried many times to kill it but those guys are tough. I have yet to kill one. Anyone have any suggestion how to deal with them? I lost two of my fighters to them and I just make a long turn around so I don’t have to run away as they keep running after you for a long time before it decides to stop.

Use stone (or better) daggers, it wil bleed to death :slight_smile:

(place a bedroll near).

Depend on your level, but if you have iron/steel should be easy to kil it with arrows.

Tks guys. I used the iron arrow way. Killed two now. All this time frustrated with those. The last one killed in a sandstorm. That was a thrill in itself.

These enemies are really unbalanced for new players. They are mostly a level check and it makes no sense to have random level 30 spawns in a level 10 zone. Glad you figured something out but wanted to let you know having trouble was due to poor design not player error.

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