Any UK official servers?

Hi Everyone,

Are there any UK official servers? or any plans to add UK official servers for Siptah? Ideally I want to try to minimise the ping / lag I’m getting on officials. I’m still on the fence about Siptah and was hoping to find an official UK PvE or PvE conflict server for Siptah.

I know previously PvE server 1021 was in the UK but according to battlemetrics it’s now in Germany. I played on 1021 in 2018 without any disconnect / joining issues.
I’m currently on server 1017 (battlemetrics also states this server is in Germany) but have been getting some issues, high ping, disconnects and lag after funcom live services.

I couldn’t find any UK PvE conflict servers a month or so ago so I joined one in Germany. On that server I’ve had some losses due to lag and problems trying to join or being disconnected.

Searching battlemetrics I could not find any official UK servers.


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