Any updates for us

Ok @Funcom any updates on anything? Next patch release date? Twitch drops corrections? Etc…

I remember you were going to make a better attempt at keeping us in the loop of things. I am not looking for specific dates or anything, I understand errors can cause set backs and certifications can fail etc but you do a lot of vague replies on things or don’t reply at all!! Or my personal favourite that I see is, “use this link” but nobody ever gets any resolution on whatever topic they were posting about.

Communication goes a long way. Just have to talk to us.


Hi @ Jelostas

If you want to see specific posts the Community Team are responding to you can follow this link- PlayStation Dev Tracker

The most active thread regarding the PlayStation Twitch Drops issue is here-


It’s not that. Every time I view these pages I see the same posts with the same results. No clear answers and I figured most people must not visit all pages or are looking for the quick solutions. Lots of attacks on other players for same repeated questions and lots of help like how you just did for this post.

I think what most players are looking for is communication from funcom in the correct areas.


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Hello @Jelostas,

They are responding some explanation is here on the Where is the community engagement? post and further still and the dev tracker that @Rollotomozi linked.

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Look, I am not the most patient person in the world, so I can understand your frustration.

But while this isn’t the best news, it is active communication-

Its not the news I want to hear personally, but it at least sounds like they are trying to stay on top it.


Oh I am a patient person. I guess today when I logged in and saw the same posts with no reply it just made me think how sad their lack of community communication is.

I keep watch over what they say or least amount of said and just scratch my head with “that didn’t answer the person’s question at all”

Usually it’s us community members that give more information because of our trial and error of playing the game.

I guess sometimes I like seeing members of funcom giving the solution.

All good though.


You’ve been given a resource to track their responses, and you still think this?

What do you all expect? To have them give you the same exact answer every single time the same question is asked repeatedly?

Asking over and over and over again isn’t going to make them work faster.

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Community Staff need to walk a tight rope; Informing the player base, but also managing expectations.

They need to balance providing timely informative communication with the need to avoid speaking too definitively, because if things change, people (like me) will take them to task for being inconsistent.

I think that improvements in the consolidation of related topics could improve the perception of Staff responses. To be fair, @AndyB is currently working on some things to improve how we see when Staff are responding to posts.
But as users, we also have a responsibility to see if what we are concerned about has already been posted, or is related enough to an existing post to be added.
If everyone comes to forums and posts a fresh topic for everything that concerns them, it does sort of skew the perception of how effectively the Staff are communicating on specific issues.


Me too, but I also completely understand why they can’t do that as often as we might wish them to. Here are some reasons why:

If they don’t have something they can say with confidence, they’re better off not saying anything. If they say something that later turns out to be incorrect, people will call them liars (or inconsistent, if they’re polite like @Rollotomozi). If they say something with lots of hedging to make sure it’s not taken as a promise, people will complain about how it’s vague. If they repeat the same answer as before, people will complain about how they “copy & paste” their answers.

On top of that, let’s not forget that we are many, and they are few. So when you have a bunch of people repeatedly posting the same question that has already been answered, then it should be no surprise that those who keep answering it are not Funcom staff, but the rest of us who have already seen the question and the answer.

And lastly, there’s a whole bunch of this going on, all the time:

Yes, it sucks to have a serious problem in your favorite game. But sometimes there is literally no way to speed up the problem-solving process, and no amount of wishing, asking, complaining, or demanding can change that. :man_shrugging:


Every time I see the same thing plastered over and over across the forums, there’s a part of my brain that automatically goes “Why doesn’t anyone ever use search?” Fortunately, there’s another part that reminds me that it would be unkind to berate people for that. In that same vein, it’s even less kind to berate the few Funcom staff on these forums for “not answering” things that have already been answered to the best of their ability.


It is true that many threads are created with the same questions over and over again, but it is also true that they themselves want to improve communication with us.

In my case I know that many times (maybe too many) I have lost my papers and have said things in bad ways, I recently published a thread about a new problem, there was no other report about the same, 4 days I was appealing to the community .

To get attention I did something that I shouldn’t and evidently I was scolded for it and with all reason, and as I told that person, the frustration comes when there is silence.

Communication is a two-way street, it is evident that there are things that cannot be said in the public thread, but in private the communication is closed between the user and them.

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Wow multigun you missed the point. I follow the updates but when I see the same topics not being answered it’s disappointing. We as community members try to help others where as other like you just did go on the attack for what? shaming? personal satisfaction? bad day? either way it doesn’t matter as most people who have responded have shared their views and even shared links to help others.

Never said or asked them to move faster so relax man, maybe some of the other community members didn’t know about the dev tracker. I think maybe when us community members help others, that maybe a community staff member could give a stamp of approval or something. Yes I know they cannot answer everyone but when we see the same stuff over and over with no response, they should reply.

We all enjoy the game that’s why we are here, but it doesn’t always have to be toxic or given the silent treatment.



If I catch it in time of the same post and there is already a post about it, I don’t have a problem linking the other post. That way they can post their views or what their issue is in the ongoing post.

See, this post has already been supportive and directed in the right direction of help, hopefully other community members have gained some insight on which ever topic is giving them an issue.

Crom laughs at all of us!! because he doesn’t listen!!


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I agree with you.

I would like to add that it may be a perception problem, let me explain, many of us (myself included) see ourselves exclusively as funcom customers, therefore we understand that the forum is customer service, when reporting game errors or bad behaviors to zendesk we want to be attended to, another thing is the section players who help other players where we help each other in multiple ways.

As for patches, errors and other things that concern the correct functioning of the game, the community is in charge of responding to users, either in their public thread or in private.

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Hey everyone,

Let’s stop this kind of post already.
It’s tiresome, contributes nothing, and only leads to senseless arguments between all of you. Answers to this and plenty other topics discussed have been provided already. You may choose to ignore or disagree with them, but they have already been discussed.

It’s enough.