Any Value in Patron?


Lifetime Patron here, but I’d have to say… maybe? Possibly? Depends on how much you plan on playing. The value of Patron increases linearly with your playtime. If you aren’t playing around 40 hours a week then you probably aren’t really getting a worthwhile value out of Patron. The free Cache key will almost never give you anything worthwhile. The free anima leap isn’t a big deal, eventually you’ll have an overflowing stockpile of shards. The bonus MoF is cool. Just complete all your challenges each and every day for it to be worth it. The bonus XP is garbo because eventually you’ll have everything full anyway. The reduced mission cooldown only works if you’re playing a high number of hours per week where you’re repeating a farming route just about daily, or even multiple times per day.

If you are playing >40 hours per week then it’s worth it, but only if you’re logging in every single day as well. If you’re playing <40 hours per week then it’s definitely not worth it.


I agree with this sentiment completely. IMHO, what I’d prefer to see would not be a “use it or loose it” system, but rather the same thing we have, but with a regen rate. So, 8 total sides per day? That implies a regen of 1 side per 3H. There’s still an enticement to login, but there’s no deadline pressure. Same thing with keys.