Any Value in Patron?


While I understand what youre saying, I feel that it misses the mark somewhat as it appeals to a too narrow segment of player types.
I know you shouldnt compare games, as what is an incentive in one may be nothing in another because of the systems in place, but when you look at a game like Elder Scrolls Online, the incentives are wide reaching and value added on top of the base game to cover many different types of players. including end-gamers, crafters, pvpers, roleplayers and the super casuals, theres something for everyone, but the same cant be said for Patron.

An important part that we dont really know is the desired outcome(besides making it financially viable) and mission statement of the game and its systems… Is the sum total of the game you grinding ilevels and ap/sp? When looking through the Patron list, it does appear that is their way of thinking.


Personally, I spend so much time on dailies I don’t have time for group content. And I also spend so much time on dailies because group content takes too long and is by its nature very unpredictable.

I can’t know whether it will take 20 minutes or an hour to get through a dungeon, or if my group can get through it at all, or if the queue will even pop. I do know for certain that I can be more productive in that hour towards dailies by not doing it. And if I already know I’m going to do missions, I can do ones that effectively reward distillates and a full compliment of reward bags in Tokyo or South Africa, even though they take longer than Bullets for Andy.

I’ve never been a fan of daily reward/quest systems. They are absolutely miserable and don’t help what they intend to help, in my experience.


If you casual player patron has no value .
lets review :

  1. extra MOF are nice but if you not log in daily . it better to buy small amount aurom and convert to MOFs.
  2. Free teleports are nice , but if you casual player you dont need it that much. And in my expirience if you really here for the story , teleporting all the time detracts from it. this game exploration is fun . when doing it slow and carefully its more fun.
  3. Free boxes a nice . but its a trap for fools. to get somethimg worth while you need to buy a lot of them and its gives you mostly distils. Distils are not worth because when your IP is going up , rewords from quests become worthless .If you casual dps player you well wait for E1-4 in que for hours . and more your IP go up the more questing become useless. there is no point to be in harry to up your IP. Its actually detracts from having fun in game.
    4 . extra AP/SP are worthless for casual player . you need to buy weapon pages . its cost Aurom or MOFs
    Patron will benefit this if you log in every day. if not , Buy aurom . or dont bother to unlock them at all.
  4. Gear . you need to buy Intricate gliphs and BIS amulets . Patron does not benefit it at all.
  5. Lairs and regionals , world bosses . If you casual player patron does not benefit farming . if you want to farm regionals with the cabal on weekends . you need to Buy keys anyway . patron gives you 3 extra key on weekend . how will it help you farm 50 bosses ?

The only way Patron benefit you that if you hardcore player who log in every single day and use all his keys every day.
If you just want to enjoy the game and story dont bother with patron . it will actualy make game less fun.


Lifetime Patron here, but I’d have to say… maybe? Possibly? Depends on how much you plan on playing. The value of Patron increases linearly with your playtime. If you aren’t playing around 40 hours a week then you probably aren’t really getting a worthwhile value out of Patron. The free Cache key will almost never give you anything worthwhile. The free anima leap isn’t a big deal, eventually you’ll have an overflowing stockpile of shards. The bonus MoF is cool. Just complete all your challenges each and every day for it to be worth it. The bonus XP is garbo because eventually you’ll have everything full anyway. The reduced mission cooldown only works if you’re playing a high number of hours per week where you’re repeating a farming route just about daily, or even multiple times per day.

If you are playing >40 hours per week then it’s worth it, but only if you’re logging in every single day as well. If you’re playing <40 hours per week then it’s definitely not worth it.


I agree with this sentiment completely. IMHO, what I’d prefer to see would not be a “use it or loose it” system, but rather the same thing we have, but with a regen rate. So, 8 total sides per day? That implies a regen of 1 side per 3H. There’s still an enticement to login, but there’s no deadline pressure. Same thing with keys.