ANY WORD bout official server transfers?

its been a while since i entered here. so please excuse me if there has been news i am not aware.



Not sure when you were last here, but there hasn’t been much said as far as I’m aware these are the latest updates;

I may have missed something, but I’m sure someone will correct me if I have.

Hope that helps


This is a great feature! But the official development is too slow!

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Character transfer is only live for single player so far. There has been no update on it’s progress for servers.

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They may be considering the massive server imbalance it is guaranteed to cause before they unroll it.

The problem … take an empty official server, farm weapons, armors, thralls, bombs.

Send a friend to scout others servers, then when he find a good one, just transfert to this server ready to raid and level 60 !

You do not need a base, just fews bench to craft new bombs, and then move to another server …

This will kill officials servers, that are almost dead.

Funcom does not care about raid officials. 3+ years nothing even hinted at in development to make it more than a tacked on feature. Once we pvpers realize that, the easier it is to play something else or move to private RP raid servers. This feature is for pve-c and pve. Good for them.

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…or revitalize the dead servers that are held on to by ancient alpha clans. Who won’t be able to employ their regular strategy of stomping on rivals before they can establish.


The game is dead they broke the Xbox again most people i know can’t even get in a server people gonna lose all there stuff and quit so no point in transfers good job funcom

They’re coming (very) soon :tm:


When new patch is gonna be released? There’s few months withut patch :wink:

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