Any words in the new archery changes?

Been hearing about the upcoming changes for sometime now, but nobody mentions it in the forums… Can somebody share some info? xD

Look in the testlive section of the forum … the upcoming changes are there and being tested/discussed.
Also it was the subject of a recent funcom live-stream and Multigun once again kindly summarised it in words and posted it in forums.

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@Kwalya :slight_smile:

I always lose track of the forum posts but it’s nice when I have the google docs still stored safely away and still accessible.

This is what I wrote up on the dev stream on 11-23-18, which talked about the bow changes (among other things). The bow update is on test live right now, and is expected to hit live sometime next week.

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Awesome, thanks!

From my experience on test: Bows are now very fast and snappy, arguably much more fun to use, and if specced in accuracy do very good damage with high end bows and arrows. Perhaps even a bit too good with the charged shot though there are tradeoffs in survivability and/or melee damage to be made if you go full archer build.

The throwing axes are very nice as well.

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