Any1 recruiting? we are Koreans, 3 of us are looking for a good server or clan (PS4)

Hello, we started this game pretty late, but we’ve managed to hit lv 60 in 3~4 days and built huge black ice castle with full of elite thralls… even had meteor gears, Telith 2H, 1H and stuff
however, alpha didnt like us growing soooo fast, ended up wiping us with God summoning? or something like that…

after that, we’ve been attacking and destroying their bases and creatures… but we cannot keep our expanding here.

we already been through this like 3 times… we have lv60 characters all over official asian, us servers… and getting tired of this. we thought about PvE servers too, but most of them have no place to build and quite messy and laggy.

So we are looking to move to either stable private PvP server which is running 24/7 or join a clan in official server.

only I can speak English, but if you have any problem with that, we can make our own party and communicate with all of you only when it is necessary… (i can speak English, Japanese, and Korean)

my psn is ayh1013

please let me know and thank you guys!

hey man feel free to add me on psn Poly_Fob-801 my clan is looking to conquer the server

Hi Poly, could you tell me what kind of server you are playing at the moment?