Anybody else think this way?

Conan exiles. Question’s why we can’t have dragon skin armor? with all the dragons that we kill. Or building material out of it or Sky Metal and the Obsidian that we gathered? Not just making weapons. That we can make armor or building out of ? Make the Sky Metal the strongest building not just black ice. Have Obsidian the second highest build.If you do call the dragon armor. call it Smokie for the armor put it stronger than Silent Legion like three or four bar higher. Make it look cool and like a other silent legion knock off like the champion armor they look the same please don’t do that to us again


Dragon armor would make sense n the structures

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i’d like to see more variety in top tier building… other then the DLCs of course!.. anyways… star metal and obsidian would be awesome buildings… and perhaps the dragon armor could be the reward for a new dungeon in the unnamed city? move the red mother into it (as to me its location doesn’t seem as natural as some of the other bosses)… and make the entire thing telling a more in-depth story of the dragons of old…


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