Anyone can help?

Hi, since Funcom Live Services came into action in june, every time I try to start the game it shows me the Isle Of Siptah page with the diferent options to play online,offline, etc… but imediately after the game crashes into a fatal error without letting me choose any option?
I played this game for more than 2000 hours before june.
I have no mods and windows 8.
Have reinstalled the game but still have the same problem.
Any ideas?

I am not sure but windows 8 may cause this error. Also try to update your graphic card to latest version and check files from steam if it can find any corrupted file. If none of them work I suggest clean windows 10 install.

This is, in my estimation, the most likely culprit, an incompatibility between an End of Life OS and graphics drivers. Mainstream support for Win 8 and 8.1 went dark in January, 2018. Critical security updates continue through January, 2023, but, it is likely, in the last two years the underlying requirements for graphics drivers has outstripped the updates for Win 8.

And, just so we are clear, it sucks, but a developer can only develop for so many platforms and can’t be responsible if EOL issues make a once compatible game incompatible with an EOL OS.

If at all possible, I recommend upgrading to Win 10 and enable auto updates to both OS and graphics to reduce incompatibility issues.

Gone are the days of “hold and inspect” OS updates.

Then Funcom needs to remove that it works with windows 8 and 8.1on their sale page as it is false advertising to be honest.

Not as such. The game technically works on Windows 8, and apparently many people are still able to play on Win 8, so it’s not a universal “the game stopped working on Win 8 machines”. It’s more a case of “some hardware you may have that you use for playing Conan Exiles no longer works on Win 8”. Funcom cannot be held responsible for problems caused by our rigs and operating systems being incompatible with each other.

They could add a note on the store page along the lines of “older operating systems may have incompatibility issues with hardware necessary to run the game”, but that basically applies to every game out there. It’s kinda something you need to know when playing computer games.

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