Anyone else dealing with "spillover" issues? (PvP folks joining PVE-C)

So I play on a PVE-C server and since Siptah we’ve had issues… Kind of a butting heads within the community.

Our server has a BEAUTIFUL economy and community. We have three core traders, including myself and we all offer something special. I built a small village near Sep City that included unclaimed spots for “parking” while people go visit the Wine Cellar and visitors get free cleansing brews to take with if they are under level 45. Another trade clan runs events like arena challenges and goofy side quests. Another trader offers starter packs for newbies and dungeon escorts for solo players.

Between all of that we have always been helpful to one another, the server as a whole had this respectful view of “if you kill someone during pvp hours, you dont loot them” and “trade bases are a NO ATTACK zone.”

Since Siptah, healing rework, thrall rework, all of that, we’ve had this blight of pvp players spilling over into pve-c and just wreaking havoc in our community. Totally different mindsets between the communities in my opinion but its ruining the game we enjoy in pve-c.

We have a player teleporting out of walls and killing/looting, spamming land claim, toxifying global chat… It’s such a headache.

We had some amazing people join after free weekend, but they are already starting to drop in numbers because of this “spillover” issue. Like, the pvp players that couldn’t adjust to the new reworks or got annoyed with the bugginess of siptah getting ironed out came here to railroad people that just DONT play as ruthlessly so they wouldn’t feel powerless.

Im just curious if this has happened anywhere else? This strange spillover effect. Anyone else suffering super toxic players ad nauseum since siptah?

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This sounds as it can be reported, you should do it. Take enough evidence and report.

On the other side, if the players are just being aggresive, try a PvE server :^) PvE-C is meant to have conflict, but if your community is as beautiful as you said, you all can team together against them.


In my experience…

On PvE-c a lot of new people joined that came from PvP.

They were the worst rude trollers, and griefers I ever encountered, using and abusing every exploit in their advantage. Killing every new commer and camping bases.

After a few warnings from the players on that server, some of them left by them selves others got banned.

So yeah, I’ve had experiences in the past simulliar with yours on PvE-c, sadly :confused:


I have been working on it. Been able to add to my report DAILY. Problem is the current problem person has ten accounts through family share on steam so we’ll see where it goes.

I’m also semi new to modern pc gaming. The next step is figuring out how to record my gameplay so I can catch this teleport on video. Haven’t done any pc gaming in about 15 years so a lot of the new abilities as far as recording things are VERY new to me.

Make sure you don’t spam Funcom with reports, make a single one and it will be adressed as soon as possible :^), otherwise you will slowdown their process.

I don’t really know many video capture softwares, i use Nvidia’s Geforce experience to record game videos, but there may be better options.

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Yeah, I have a single report that gets “update” via new replies to the original. And I hate it, I don’t want to be reporting regularly, not my style… But this guy is just ruining such a good thing.

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Welcome to official servers, where there are no rules. Even Funcom’s official rules aren’t guaranteed to be enforced in any timely or consistent or transparent fashion.

It’s not a new thing. The last time I’ve had to deal with that crap was on 1821 and even then the “solution” ended up being a mass exodus of most of the decent people to 1823. And on 1823, we were “welcomed” by a clan that has been badly traumatized by that same thing before, so they turned into overbearing, paranoid “server police”.

So, uh, yeah. Official servers can be incredibly nice, but it’s all just one toxic person away from devolving into a “hive of scum and villainy”.

The Siptah update has probably exacerbated this, because official PVP servers are generally the most toxic part of the whole game, and the update messed things up for people who preferred the “old meta”, so they decided to go make life miserable for PVE-C players.

It is. It sucks that you or anyone else has to go through that.

The one good thing is that we now have official rules and some moderation, so reporting this person, the way you’ve been doing it, might help you get rid of him.

Another viable alternative is for the community to pool together and rent a private server. However, I’ve also seen that go really, really wrong. Things can get really ugly as soon as money is involved.

I hope your community can pull through.

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Thanks man. Im just glad Im not alone in this. Doing my best to power through… Taking everything in my will power to not turn this into “counter griefing” because I have the mats to do it (as a trader)… Just sucks that the server went from fun all the time to “oh great, he’s on again, guess nobody is gonna play.”

I figured out video recording so im ready to capture more evidence. Hope it all gets resolved soon.

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Just be careful you don’t give him the cause to get you banned. Toxic players like that will stoop to anything and love nothing more than to provoke you into turning your own weapons against you.

Good luck :+1: :heart:

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