Anyone else find the map a bit small?

I know there are restrictions on how big the map can get but it seems small to me.
I hope after launch they expand it some more. there is a big chunk in the north east cut off by the curse wall that is undeveloped. I admin teleported there before they locked it out.

I also hope that when we get to remove the bracelet that allows us to venture to new maps. (ya ya I know “ark clone” but it works)

they could also expand the new map virtually by using more vertical landscapes and adding bridge building pieces.

also large urban ruins that allow building would be nice.

They did say that the current map is the final size of Map 1. They might do a new map (Map 2) at some point, with what they’ve learned about developing for consoles.

I find the map plenty big enough. You can cross it deliberately quite quickly, but if you’re wandering then it can take hours. It will be significantly (33%) larger once we get access to the Swungle.

seems kinda dumb that they would stop at this point. as I said there is a lot of undeveloped map in the north east

how big is the map? …km/2?

Consider that it isn’t possible to raise the player max. So you’ll see approx. 40 players spread across 3x the area as original launch. Any larger of a map, and you’re reducing the population density more.

Players need to be confined into a smaller space in order to fight over limited resources. The larger the map, the less reason for clan wars.

Personally I’d much rather get a new map.

That map could be smaller than the first one, and developed with smaller “load chunks” which would help optimize travel and enable mounts.

pvp players dont need a reason to pvp LOL

you dont need to funnel people into a slaughter just to get them to pvp. they will seek each other out .
and making a bigger map doesnt mean you cant have limited resources to fight over

mounts would make any map seem smaller due to the increased speed.

Don’t know why you think its small, it’s larger than the vast majority of survival games already.

according to devs, there will be no mounts coming in this game

Map 1 of how many? I’ve never heard them refer to it with a number.

Joel went out of his way to answer the question about the map. When asked if there were any plans to expand the map he said “The map AT LAUNCH will be the complete map”

I even met Jens a couple of weeks ago and when I asked him about the top corner of the map, he assured me that there wasn’t anything going in there.

What I find very odd is how anyone would design a map with that huge dug-out to the right of the Ice and left of the Jungle, why wouldn’t you round off that corner?

I’m hoping that they have been keeping the other area of the map a secret until launch to give it some wow factor on launch day. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed X :slight_smile: :pray:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:

Yea that would be just our hope.

But I doubt anything new will happen in that empty North East area.

They are probably gonna add new biome there if the popularity of the game is higher than what they expected after launch.

(or probably can be ending area to leave the Exiles land to end the story of the game, but it should be small contents)

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