Anyone else just having stuff disappear?

My friend and I play every day. And lately things just go poof with no reason. We had a purge earlier this week which did minimal damage to our main base, we visit all of our sub bases every other day so it shouldn’t be decay. But today I logged in to find a t3 animal pen and a t3 wheel of pain just missing. Everything else around the area where they stood is still there.

It’s pretty annoying.

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Today when I logged in I noticed my fireplace had vanished, its inside my living room! All other small furnitures were placed on it, bowl, tea pot and some cups disappeared with it. Event log said it lost stability for whatever reason. Gladly it was just a fireplace but I have had a few other things like this happen in the past.

But I have 3 roof pieces that lose stability and vanishes on every server restart… I even gave up rebuilding it at some point. It allows me to rebuild just fine (its has 40 stability, pretty low and I cant increase it anymore due to the building style, but it should work!) but everytime the server restarts it decided to drop it to 20, destroy the same 3 pieces and then make it 40 stability again!

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When you build over valuable resources like…Crimson Lotus for example, the decay on those spots are particularly harsh. Big things like wheel or pen are particularly susceptible to this.

You need to check your stability with rest air hammer

Stability was around 80% no important resources anywhere near the area where they disappeared.

Before server reboot everything was there and fine, after reboot gone.

I’m just going to chalk it up to CE being a buggy game and move on.

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Same as the op. it disappeared on server restart. And my house has been there for months, there is no explanation why a furniture inside my living room would vanish while the whole structure remained.


Hmmm that is worrying.

I’ve had it happen with the Trebuchet, but that’s apparently a known (if inexplicably unsolved) problem. I think that’s the only thing.

I had an improved Tanner disappear, the funny thing it was displayed on the Event Log as “decayed” even though it was inside my base linked to everything, go figure.

I only have frontier stairs disappearing not even showing in event log it has lost stability.
I rebuild them every time and it is the same 2 stairs each day…

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