Anyone else only getting a few servers showing up when you search for them on ps4

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It just keeps showing me the same 8 to 10 servers

Seriously i need to know if anyone else is having this issue at the minute I can t get to the private server i need to

I am also having this problem. America region. If it helps I was actively trying to play the game when the update early this morning went out, but I’ve done a full uninstlal and reinstall in that time and this still isn’t resolved like it seems to be everyone post patch.

Nice to know I’m not the only o e

Still can’t get more then 5 playable servers i really wish I hadn’t bought this game

yes I only see around 2 sometimes 3 and there always full I manage to get into one here and there but I can’t make no progress because when I leave and come back it’s full and I have to refresh for literally hours just to find that server again