Anyone else over 3.0 already?

Honestly I’ve had infinite patience with funcom. I’ve even aggressively defended them online. But whomever is in charge of marketing needs a swift kick up the bum for making the decision to announce this far too early. It’s literally drained the hype from it.

Every YouTuber and their mothers have already broken it down and put all of the info out there already. It’s almost not worth playing anymore.

Console players out number the pc community by roughly 3000 players. So why should we suffer.

Please funcom. Hurry and release this update. All your showing is is you don’t care about console.

I don’t see it that way but I remember the days where the console release were sometimes months behind the release of PC (heck you are on Xbox and i think you guys had almost an entire year delay at one point) as FC kept getting snagged by the console QC reviews. With the policies now in place that prevent different release dates I believe FC has pushed this idea that console players are equivalent to PC and that an update isn’t released until all of us can play.

I’m just as impatient as you about this but there are some bugs that have hit from what I have seen that i would like patched before release…not all of the bugs pointed out in various threads but some of them…yea it could be game breaking.


I’m fully with you bud, I’m mostly venting, so please don’t thing I’m not valuing what you e said! I do like the fact that we’re on the same patch, as I don’t know any other game that does this. At the same time though pc have got it first. And if they don’t fix it, they’ll have it for another month.

The thing is from what I can see, hardly anyone is actually stress testing it. They’re all mostly moaning about the abysmal armour set. And pumping out YT videos like it’s going out of fashion. The only feedback, I’ve seen has less to do with mechanics and more to do with how it affects PvP. And the PvP community is much smaller than the PVE lot.

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There are a few that are doing stress testing and if you pay attention, you know who these folks are but testlive is open to all so they are not getting the screen time as the others but you gotta trust the FC team is paying attention to these folks’ input as well as the overwhelming input consensus on other things (like abyssal armor).

I get frustrated as well since my job is QA/QC but I have a knack of hitting obvious facepalm things (like greater hyenas are still an issue producing in pens and there are monetization rewards that give you hyena skins for instance or witch doctor feat doesn’t feel compatible with sorcery style necromancy ) . All I can do is ask for folks to test this or that out that i can see in a theoretical sense as potentially being overlooked…which works out in building my managerial experiences IRL.

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Not worth playing because you could just watch a video instead lmao what

That’s a new bizarre take to have

La comunidad de pc tiene +10.000, lo que hay que tener es paciencia y no creo que a la gente se le haya quitado el hype por ver videos en Youtube lo que has puesto son tonterías.

But you could easily lose interest momentum with all of the novelty of 3.0 if its too delayed. There is also the idea that as you delay release, those content providers that were putting out informational vids are not nit-picking the revision and that turns into a negative as far as marketing impact.

There is a delicate balance that needs to be adhered to. Long enough to fix critical bugs but short enough to capitalize on the positive momentum.

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It’s taken all the mystery out of it. Like where’s the adventure lol.

Thankyou for replying and putting some issues to bed. I literally scroll through every single feed on here. But I don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, so it’s been a very frustrating experience. I just love this game so damn much and jealousy is a funny thing lol. It doesn’t help that FC have gone silent since test live dropped and I get a dozen notification on new YT content :joy:

I will point out it definitely feels like youre being more responsive with your community.

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Exactly. And I feel like the community is starting to lose interest.
I’m finding it hard to play the game as I feel like it’s just going through the motions at this stage lol

where do you get player chart of consoles?

Conan needs a quality, long term gameplay loop. It lacks one.

Until that happens, players get tired of the same ol’ same ol’ and take long breaks.

Maybe one day Funcom will figure it out.

It’s selfish in nature. I like the game. I like to keep it running. That means two fold strategy.

  1. support the current player base as much as I can and try to empathize with what they are going through and potential work arounds. Many may find that humorous since I get impatient with continued resistances to already established paradigms that the company has documented (IE ToS) but I try to find new aspects in these gripe threads to see if there is something new that is surprising and try to alert others to these issues.
  2. Give FC serious feedback on certain aspects of their strategies. I came to recognize very early on that my nitpicking of bugs were not value added since there is a large group that already does this and reports regularly on these issues. I get lucky if I spot something first since I’m a console player and there are others far more versed in the game mechanics and coding strategies. However I feel my value as far as feedback is more larger picture/cause and effect stuff.

For right now, I will tell you that you dictate how much surprise you want when this thing goes live. The youtubers are going to post clickbait for those of us that have no willpower. Be strong and put blinders on. Let us vicariously enjoy the novelty through your experiences. :slight_smile:

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That’s what these events are designed to do. Break it up. With hope, they will rotate to new event content as they transition between chapters and or ages.

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For you and the 25 other people paying this close attention… For the other 249,975 players they’ve barely even heard such a thing exists.

CE Youtubers and their Mums… so, four people…

:wink: I know… :innocent:

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All very valid points. A couple made me laugh.

Tbf I should be remain patient and maybe not so vigilant. As someone made a very good point about the chapters within the ages :upside_down_face:

I’m very much looking forward to the future of Conan.

Maybe funcom is finally focusing on fixing ce instead of adding more to it in its current state.

Maybe this delay is of benifet. Maybe fc made a good choice. They are due for one.

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Both is good. :slight_smile:
Probably both are needed too. Those 25 and 4 likely are some of the needed hype-seeders for when they officially announce the 3.0 release. If previous scheduling is anything to go by it won’t be long. I think the TestLive typically goes out around 6 to 8 weeks before the official - something like that anyway.

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I’m figuring that if it gets released in Q3 then it’s likely to be at the beginning of the month to neatly tie the battle pass in. I’m gonna go grind some mats on official :joy:

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