Anyone have a stable official server?

My server (1799) goes down every single night for many hours. Just curious if anyone out there is on a stable server. (official).

Thanks in advance. Would also be great to get an admin or someone from Funcom to at least communicate.



Welcome to #1149, totally no crashes, not so many bugs like ppl claim in forum, low population

Im sure a lot of the lower population officials are more stable as they dont have the data base cancer yet. I can confirm 1599 and 1537 are both stable and good places for new players to try out official pvp servers.

RIP #1149, lol… people gonna flock to it.

RIP #1599 and #1537

It’s not just official servers. The privates are also having issues from data overload. I was playing on a Testlive server with nobody else on and after a few hours of play, I started to rubberband and lag everywhere.

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The issue is IOPs and this TestBranch build of servers they pushed out.

PVP Official 1578 is good. Also, there is an active alpha clan that encourages fair PVP and runs off griefers and exploiters.

Official server #3000 PvP (EU) PS4

I play in this and it works very well. the experience is X2 the X2 collection. There are events, Colosseum, treasures,

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