Anyone have an up to date build for Demo solo PvE?


Title says it all.


demo is so f*cking op that you can use a dps spec, and faceroll everything you meet… :laughing:


I think it’s worth mentioning that the spec you posted is using Wave of Flames and is more useful once Zorvan got the Ring of Fire AA Talent to make Wave of Flames faster (Which may take some time because training it over time is a really long wait).


true. and indeed training the silver perks takes ages. :sweat_smile:

but still, demo is probably the easiest class in solo pve. :wink:


That spec looks pretty much like what I have so far, so thanks. How about Khitai factions? Still Brittle Blade and Scarlet Circle?


Yes, exactly. You could also add Tamarins Tigers for a int dagger and necklace if you need them, Yag-Kosha got a ring (that you can buy 2 times and equip 2 times even though the item itself says it does not work.


Awesome. Thanks all.


Dang it, one last question since I forgot. What AA’s should I focus on?


Pressing and Decisive Strikes, Ring of Fire, Cacodemon and Will of the Sublime.

But, if you only play solo, it will take ages to get them all to 5 points. I think it would be better to feat Unbinding Charm, then start to join some groups. :wink:


Thank you. Yeah, the event login rewards will give 50 expertise points total, so that’ll help a little.