Anyone Here Attempted A Speed-Run?

I guess this is the record holder:

I watched a couple of these and then tried it. It took me over 3 three hours so nothing worthy of posting a video over but it was fun trying!

How about any of you forum dwellers, any attempts, any records, any interest?

In the attached video it’s interesting how he beat the undead dragon at the sinkhole… round about 40min in.

PS: For @stelagel, this video shows volcano exploring with grass cloths and ice alone at right around the one hour mark.


Hasn’t the ’ level under 60 can open legendary chest ’ bug been fixed ? :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

gonna be hard to beat now :wink:

That’s a bug?
I thought it was a basic acknowledgement that most of the gear in those chests isn’t that relevant and that skeleton keys being unstackable in inventory is a unique cruelty to those who beat tougher foes early game.

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Not sure what you guys are talking about to be honest. But I can open a chest with a key I got from beating a 3-skull boss, take and use the legendary weapons from it - while being at any level.

That so special? I do that every wipe. Naked.

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No, not special. That was something I mentioned to Stelagel in another thread who had said maybe it was too difficult. So since here is a recently recorded example of it being easy in this video, I thought I would call his attention to it.


Uh, not a bug. Pretty dang sure it isnt. Ive been messing with the blueprint for those chests since 2018, and the changes they did several patches ago look very intentional, and not "accidental. " As in, they basically gutted the BP to no longer look for levels at all.


There’s a handful of runs on, but they all seem to be for older versions. Some runs are three years old. The one you posted is current WR, but also 11 months old. Might be fun to try a run, I do have experience running, albeit for other games.


For clearification…
Bug wasnt under level 60 access. That was changed ages ago to if you have a key you can open at any level The bug that was fixed was loot all withou opening that didnt consume key.


And fighting a three skull wouldnt be part of a speed run if we are talking about gett8ng the 5 pieces as the end goal. Only slows you down.

Disagree. The potential of a good legendary would speed up any future fights more than fighting them all with jusr stone. Especially when it comes to the undead dragon, as it doesn’t bleed

Yeah, you need to tackle 3-skullers for a speed-run. I’ve watched all the record holders and they all do it. And I guess they would know.

My attempt was just recently - less than or about a day ago, for those wondering. Like I said tho, I sucked - so stopped recording at about the 2 hour mark when it became obvious I wasn’t going to come anywhere close. It ultimately took me something like 3hrs, 20min. :stuck_out_tongue: Dunno if I’ll try it again - it was fun tho!!! :grin:


Correct, nothing special here, just harmless misunderstandings. Ofcurce it is possible to run in some places of the volcano naked with some ice, but not all of them. Like the frost area, you can run in most of the terrain naked with some warming up foods or muled brew but not everywhere.
Your interest is clearly pvp and I am really sure that you have fixed a safe place to respawn, because the possibility to die through raid is 50 /50, especially naked. That means that you go against builds not against the terrain (pve). For a pve player that goes to fight in dungeons inside the heart of volcano or the heart of frost the temperature is more extreme, so armors are necessary to survive. For a pve player that carries rare legendary pieces, that he farmed after decades of hours fighting the rng of the game, every difficulty count. Most of the pvp gear is craftable or stolen from pve lovers that play pvp :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
@TeleTesselator, very nice video man, thank you for uploading it. It is very important, we the lovers of this game to support the YouTube community of this game because it helps with the publicity of the game.
My run is totally different. I don’t do my run to humiliate the game and share my skills on YouTube, but to grow faster and help others the fastest I can when I fresh join the server. My goal is to go all around the map, obtain the most I can or allowed for my current lvl, so I will start farming and building with steel tools not stone or iron. Day 3 I farm star metal, period. It is not skill however, it is simple knowledge of the game and repeat. I never said or advertised my self as a skilled player. I just another gamer that plays this game tooooo long. @Taemien once said that a friend of his, just started the game and went lvl 60 in some days. Well, I remember starting solo player and every 2 weeks restarting from the beginning because I was rage quitting and deleting :rofl::rofl::rofl:. When I started to play online it was taking me weeks to go lvl 60. So… Again, I am a simple player like every other, no great skills, just knowledge and repeat.

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3:20 may not be a world record but it is certainly fast (probably faster than I could dream of being). I wouldn’t have minded watching your full run. =P


Doesn’t the torch mechanic still work? With just grass cloths it used to be that if you kept moving and fired up your torch you wouldn’t get frostbite - just “extremely cold”. and usually even without, 3 to 5 weak aloe pots would carry you through.

Awwwe, :blush: Thanks man! :slight_smile: If I do it again, I’ll record the whole thing then. I better be able to beat 3:20 next time though!

Sweet! Competition! Dig it!

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For clarification: After a server wipe, 1 guy of the clan usually rushes all obelisks. Naked. He crafts some bedrolls and then the typical route is:

Dregs → Unnamed City → Brimlake → Mounds → Temple of Frost → Volcano → Bridge of the Betrayer → Northern Jungle → Southern Jungle → Suicide → Sinkhole

Due to a bug, this player can teleport other players then.


I can beat skyrim glitchless in 2:56, I’m sure with enough prep I could smash 3:20 here.

In all seriousness if I do submit a run I’ll also be requesting the moderators of to divide runs into version brackets, to prevent the WR from being forevermore impossible to obtain due to patched changes. As it stands now, in my eyes at least, if you had fully recorded it you’d be the current version WR.

I don’t know how speed runs are done/judged but I did notice that the runner @TeleTesselator posted was not using official settings, he was retaining all his gear when he pulled his bracelet. Seems to me, that whether you include glitches or not should be a choice of the runner but to change the settings so you can teleport to bed/bedroll without consequence is not a valid speed run. Again, I don’t know much about speed runs, that’s just my two cents. :man_shrugging:

To my understanding from the provided rules, the only settings required are combat settings, otherwise the runners can do what they want.

I don’t believe it’s a bug and you just described my first role in my pvp clan. My second was farmer and organizer, inside the base, my third purges and base defense. I never joined them in their raids and their stolen were not allowed in the clans chests, they had their own chests inside their bedroom to place their stolen loot. That was my terms to play with them :wink:.
Believe it or not when they were loosing I was happy. I knew that I had to farm, predatory for Po and Psyko, Rannisan for Luffy, Mordlun for Ganga and Reach or the red with yogs touch for Ixmen. I didn’t go to sleep if they didn’t have back what they lost. Pvp with these guys was once again my best pve days.