Anyone know how to generate more threat/hate?

Trying to tank for our group here on a modded server. The mods pretty made thrall tanks super unreliable (which is nice) and I enjoy tanking to begin with but I’m trying to figure out how to hold aggro. Anyone know if Sunder comes with additional aggro?

I do not believe Conan Exiles is designed with a threat mechanic like you find in World of Warcraft. Holding aggro isn’t a viable option, but recent patches do seem to have increased the threat generation of players over NPCs. Constantly being hit (and doing damage) seems to have a ‘semi-hold’ on enemies. So threat may be treated like (who’s doing the most damage) – which should be players now. But I think that’s the closest you’ll get to threat mechanics in this game.

I’ve found the ability to hold aggro for long periods of time if I’m given time at the start to do damage. The mods enemies just hit hard so mistakes are paid for pretty heavily. We might just have to switch to some other weapons.

Bleeds seem to pull the aggro more than anything else.


Damage of time status effects seem to be the way to go.