Anyone know when Conan is coming out of Alpha?

As i walk past the mobs without issue (they rarely move these days), and work my way to the abyssal reminat, ready to attack with my dagger… i notice its not showing up… can hear it but not there.

so i walk away and come back, and its there, but not attacking. Walked across the map for this… normally attack it with daggers, but it not moving… and it was hard enough to get in … first attempt, i killed 3 NPC on the door way and it didn’t open, NPC i had to slow walk and attack, to get them to follow…

this time i draged a thrall to the door seal… one i manage to find it from under the ground.

can look on the bright side… the server only locked up once today.

Good thing on the new server i’m on, i got to the witch queen without it having a double spawn of statues… 4 of them is a bit much.

manage to work around the invincible thralls under tents, guess that’s part of the game now? been there for a while

Funcom did a 500 bug patch fix, as if they should be proud… that 500 bugs you when live with >< and the game is still riddle with issue.

so i wonder… when is Conan coming out of Alpha state?

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When the game still says it’s running, just open your task manager, click on “More details” and look for conansandbox, right click it and choose end task. :slight_smile:

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