Anyone notice Jin Jae-Hoon's blunder about his butterfly effect analogy during the first encounter with him?

I got to Jin Jae-Hoon where he asked if i knew what the butterfly effect was and he continues to give the definition and his own analogy.

His analogy was that a butterfly flapping its wings could eventually cause a tsunami.

“A Tsunami” - Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes and volcano’s or meteors hitting the ocean, they arent caused by the wind such as that given in his example.

I believe he meant to suggest that it could cause a hurricane. I doubt it will get corrected though.

I believe it was an intentional subversion of the common quip; meant to evoke more subtle connections between known events.

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If we’re going to quibble over semantics then in this analogy it would be a typhoon and not a hurricane.

Kind of a Muphry’s Law situation.

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Seems fair. Forces upon forces, upon atoms upon atoms, etc etc ad infinitum. Flap-flap.

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