Anyone seen a named bearer thrall lately?

I literally havent seen one for the onths on our private server. NOT ONE. In the time since I last saw one I’ve managed to collect 2 of those Zoara of the Marches or whatever, the lost tribe guy that makes the cimmerian armor and the Bjorn guy that makes the Vanir stuff and a whole host of other named thralls. But havent seen a single named bearer since fall of 2019.

I saw one… tho it was dude… so I killed him. No dudes allowed in my army


I’ve nabbed Pelor the well-travelled and Rethrous the Burdened at the Mounds, both in the last two months.

I nabbed one a few weeks ago in the Descent of Dagon near the Jungle Obelisk. I still have her in cold storage though because I suspect they will fix the T3 issue sometime and T4 might get a boost for bearers at least.

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Last night i got Bohdan in sinners refuge on ps4

Isn’t Bhodan a dancer thrall? As far as I know there are no bearers in sinners refuge.

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Weird. Are you guys/gals on official or a private server? I’ve had weird issues with certain thralls before and was wonderingnifnthere is something goin on with my named bearers now or something. I have almost never looked for them on purpose because Inusually came across them by accident pretty consistently.

Official PVE-C 1823 here.

You know, when I read the thread title my brain saw dancer. My apologies.

They are there. The T4 thralls that are not part of the purge have a low chance of spawning. You might have to camp at the known location to catch them. There is a T4 in game named after me. There are others in the game that are named after real people. “Catch them all.”


We have several Einas and a one Featherstep.

Easy as heck to get. There is a you tube that shows, and maps on the net that show right where they spawn. We use only 3 NPC camps, and see a name every 4-6 trips through.

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Featherstep is me in game. Treat her well and she not only carry your burdens, she will fight for you.


I have a Featherstep as my queen character back at my fort. Eina Lightbeinger was my first ever named bearer when I first started playing and will always have a special place in my heart. :smiley:

Uh i use the cattibria on my server pve conflict 2020 :eyes::eyes::crazy_face::+1::ok_hand::v:

I 've had on yesterday, but yes it took me sometime. However i have 1 month to meet my friend spinas :wink:. I don’t use bearers lately, i just collect them :joy:. I do their job 100 times better and i leave my spinas friends to do the rest :wink:.

I used to come across them all the time in the big camp just outside the pirate ship but I cant remember the last time I saw one there. I think the last one I got was in Sepuramu but that’s been ages ago. Thanks everyone I guess ita just a string of bad luck!

get a T3 they are stronger, tougher and fight more than a named thrall bearer

The most agonizing part of this game was when I had to kill off my original kathibria.
O found her in the first week after early access. FUncom made me do it, and I will hate them for that,
My new Featherstep looks nothing like the first one. In fact her and Lina now look the same :frowning:

She always will be my Girl Friday.

except thrall limit. So like. Catch them and then choose which moderator or chosen of asura doesn’t tick you off the most and break bonds with everyone else.

You really only need 40 Delincia’s anyways. 1 Luba and maybe 9 archers. Divide that by clanmates and that leaves very little room in my Pokedex for anything that isn’t a Delincia.

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Lol doesn’t really fight anymore. It’s a shame the gods of Conan cursing you and all your other brothers and sisters with being able to no longer do any real damage. And any other bearer outshines you guys on health too… I miss you guys being strong defenders and be able to carry supplies…