Anyone up for a New Game + Bonus? #Keystone

The Keystone is a huge hastle to get and all it does is delete your Character and bring you back to Char Creation.
(This is kind of senseless since you could do that at any time using the second option in the game menu)

It would however be nice, if one could get i little Bonus for a new character after using the keystone (at max level).
I´m thinking 100 HP, 10-20 Stamina, 10 Melee Dmg, 10% Movement Speed or 50-100 Bonus Points for the attributes (to get all stats to max / all perks after completing it all 2-3 times).


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You would leave hints? You mean, so that someone else could have it?

Ah, I get it now. I also like to leave some treasure chests here and there. ^^

this sounds nice. like writings on cave walls left by people thousands of years before you…

leaving you clues

i like this idea

Have you heard about the planned sorcery system (they are currently not working on)?
The plan was to use your corruption level as power source for it.
Sounds to me that the corruption, when have consumed half of you hp and stamina would have that same amount in mp (hp + stamine = mp).

If that would be the case, then a bonus on hp or stamina would also increase your ability to cast sorceries. Making one an ever more powerfull Sorcerer when getting the NG+ Bonus for several times. ^^

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