AO get a little Content Update this Year ? old Items need some LOVE (Dungeon/Room with Boss near Mitarr for Upgrade anything)


Was nice!
And XYZ players coming back to AO :rofl: Reworked Items was ok for me !

for example : Snake Tamer Guard, Jobe Pistols, Engi+MP Pets, Carbonum Plate Armor, Tier 1 Armor, Queen Blade, Clan/Omni Quest Pads
and some old Weapons/Armor with reworked Attribute. Many cool old Items need some LOVE

1 Boss Room (Endcounter) for 20+ Member for example Lv 500 Alien Mother :crazy_face:

best regards

huh i had the feeling that the last 10 posting from u where about not being able to play.
What did i miss?

nothing my Account is still frozen(have paid and is approved) but me is boring =)and the last Content update was before 2 years ?

No real content has been produced since LoX (10ish years) so that should tell you, no real content is coming. Flavor of the month instances is not real content.