AoC 2! Would you buy?


Well, i will love to see a AoC 2. With modern graphics, with a more dinamic combat aka no tab targeting for spell casters, etc. Considering that CE is recently launched, probably Funcom will be releasing more things for CE and a new AoC if comes will not come in this decade.


How would you play without tab targeting? Only aoe?


What you’d love to see and what is practical are different things.

How would you play a caster with tab targetting? FPS style aiming? Good lord.


Why not go play Secret World Legends then if you don’t want tab targeting? You can see how well it works there.


I wouldn’t play a relaunch of AoC.

Most of the masses would be like “Is this the new Conan game they said they were doing after Exiles? Is this Exiles sequel?”

Many of the negative things about this game would be ported over to the relaunch version, with good things being gimped completely, and seeing what they did with SWL is more than enough for me to be against this idea.


Well Age of Conan these days is about appealing to the most casual playerbase there is, and getting that playerbase to spend as much money as possible in the item shop. So yes, given that mindset I can’t see how a relaunch would be anything remotely good and nothing I’d want to play.

When you consider since 2016 we’ve had;

  • Arena where you had to stand around, doing nothing for a long period of time (could be up to an hour) waiting to do a 30 second pet fight. It’s not like every fight was bad, some were, some were ok. It was implemented terribly though, and the PvP arena was just thrown in with it when it should’ve been it’s own thing.
  • Raid finder, least engaging content I’ve ever seen, get automatically put into a raid with randoms with most mechanics made irrelevant, leech your way through (you could stand around doing nothing and be rewarded until recently when vote kick came). Get T4 gear out of it. And made all dungeons except SC, and all raids outside T5/T6 obsolete.
  • Slithering Chaos, not a bad dungeon, not a great dungeon (I wouldn’t put it in my top 10), but certainly the best content since T6.
  • Loot: Ridiculously overpowered rings and gems from RF/SC and for what purpose? There’s no content added so it’s just power for the sake of power. In most games you’re supposed to get powerful items and have content to use them on, not AoC.
  • Item shop revamp, inflate the price by up to 400%, and buff the potions by 20% (and unlike the previous potions these ones aren’t generally available by playing the game), add T4/T5 relics to it (in lottery boxes with a chance to buy a big piece from either tier).
  • Saga server, hey it was fun until the raid finder grind started, I enjoyed progressing through all the raids again, but for any real quality of life you had to spend money and it wasn’t cheap (also absolutely no advantages quality of life wise for subbed players was quite an insult and the excuses was laughable). Obviously designed to be a cash grab.