AOC crashed my computer

Good morning, sir,

I recently installed Age of Conan. When I launch the game, it takes 100% of my CPU in the task manager.

I had installed the game once before, without installing Direct X. I ran it; no problem, I wanted to change the language of the game, so I quit and restarted after changing the settings. That’s when the problems started.
The game was taking a long time to load, and I had lag in the game. In the end I was only able to play for a few minutes. That’s when I realized that it was taking 100% of my CPU.

I uninstalled and reinstalled with Direct X, thinking that would solve the problem. But when I restarted the game, it froze my pc, and blue screen…

I don’t get an error message when I run the game…

Is there a solution? Where could the problem come from?

My PC configuration: Intel core i5-6300HQ CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M, Intel® HD Graphics 530, 8GB RAM, 64bits operating system.

Thank you in advance

I sort of doubt AoC was using 100% of your CPU. That isn’t really possible since the game is mostly single-threaded. Are you positive is what just AoC, or were there other processes running using most of the CPU?

If your CPU in your (I assume laptop), was at 100% usage by whatever, it is possible your computer overheated, leading to the blue screen. Or it could have been a different hardware failure that occurred when the system was stressed.

Also, the game never would have even ran if you didn’t have the appropriate Direct X versions installed already.

First of all, welcome to Age of Conan.

Sure your first experience in the game wasn’t the best. To your problem, many many different things can cause a game crash. From my experience in last year, one time it was a BIOS update few months ago that crashed the game, i had to downgrade it to the former BIOS so it works again, the other time it was a graphics driver update. Many other things that i couldn’t even think caused crashes the last years, like a windows update or something that seems so harmless like the AMD settings layout. And not only in AoC but in other games too. So i think you have to check everything on your computer to find out where the problem is. Can be a lot of work.

Thank you for your return!

I’m going to see it all then and hope it works!

Thank you for your return.
Yes it’s a laptop, there was Google and Discord also open, so it used a bit of the processor.

I would want to see the task manager Details view to see actual CPU usage by each Process. It still doesn’t strike me as possible to occur like you said, unless something is seriously broken in your computer.