AoC is not rpg, there is no option of armors

days ago I drop a blue necklace, with attributes better than a necklace tier 6, I think it’s time to make rpg and stop with the same armor. we give diversity

I guess you’re not aware of the vanity gear feature, are you? :roll_eyes:

Can you please tell us which blue necklace you mean, and to which T6 necklace you compared it?
Also - check the vanity tab, if this is about vanity.

lonf tine no polygon


For the new players… :rofl:


Hahahaha OMG i am going to die for the laugh

I think you should improve your knowledge in rpg, aoc is not rpg is a cheap imitation, specific armor for the class? you put what you want us to use, this game is based on armor. make rpg and stop doing silly events from pvp and server tests and kill the game please. LEARN TO WORK !!!

What does he mean? Aoc is not an rpg? Aoc has the most rpg content of any games i have played! Lots of emotes, inns and bars made purely with rp in mind, even rp achivements…

Aoc is such a great rpg, you can actually play the game only by talking with emotes! :sweat_smile:

are you really making the effort to answer a blatant troll and not even good at it? I’m still waiting for the name of this famous blue necklace better then T6 that he talks about.


AoC was (and still is) one of my favorite RPGs.