AoC Magic and Sorcery

Good afternoon, all -

Is there a mod to introduce AoC style magic and sorcery to an Exiles private server?

If not, are there any plans in the works?


If I’m not wrong (can’t check now) there is a mod called age of calamity with sorcery (and lot more content). The thing is… (opinion here) it is a bit out of context. You have arcane and other types of magic typical to other RPG games. (I might be wrong, I never tried it but read the description once and saw a video).

It is not an “introduction” since If there’s going to be a sorcery made by funcom, judging by their game design, I’m positive it will be lore wise related to the gods and not the typical fire ball, ice or arcane bolts.

Hope you find it and enjoy it.

I’ll have to look for it.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to recreate my D&D game in something I can run online. I started in Neverwinter Nights 1, but didn’t like the terraced terrain look, how areas transitioned, or the lack of persistency, among other things.

Then I tried NWN2 which had fixed most of the issues, except persistency - though, it was better along those lines - but you needed a PhD in graphic design to make maps.

Exiles fixes the persistency issue, which was the major stumbling block. So, with some magic tossed in, I could - I think - come very close to what I’m after.

Add EEWA aswell to the list. You can run both Age of Calamitous and EEWA( this mod is requiring a mod that increases Levels above 60).

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