Aoc on older client

Is it possible to run aoc on old client? For example on old client that was before 2011 year and dreamworld update? With some files from new one but with old rendering?

No… In fact you will not even be able to run it without latest update. It makes you sign the agreement after it. Not signed = no running even fresh client.

Aoc can be runned without it,without patcher

No you can’t. If you skip patcher you’ll be kicked out after selecting your character.

thats not true, i play every day just by clicking ageofconandx10.exe because i have mods from UI that allow play game without patcher

it works because your client is up to date. if you try to log in with an outdated client, you get what Fass said.
So the answer to your question is : No, you can’t play with an old version.

Sorry, I formulated myself poorly. If you skip patching you’ll be kicked out at the character selection screen.

If the patch does consists of a lot of data you are able to login without patching. Keep in mind that your game might look very differently if you decide to do so.

As an example: I did not patch the update with bear mounts, when I mounted up on a bear it displayed as a spider. It’s up to you if you’d like to not take our words for it and tinker around. I can’t prevent you from wasting your time unless you really want to waste it.

i just want to take old files that used for rendering and put em into latest client. So i want to play with old dx10 instead of dreamworld one. Problem is that i cant fild old cient anywhere. I have beta version client but its TOO old

no one have it?

I found it. here is 2010 aoc client. But it makes no sence - all file structure is different and nothing of what i planned works…

as expected !

this dx10 client dont even run and dont update. This is not the same as i speaked before

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