AoC Optimization tips for ''Playable'' fps performance

I enjoy AoC better than ever.

Let’s go through a check list that will help with eliminating problems.

  1. Internet Connection:
  • Ethernet Cable is the best option to eliminate Connection speed loss. You achieve the best results with your cable connected from your Router directly to your device. Minimizing distance of (Router - PC) is very important. Non cracked cables and quality wiring does make a difference.

  • Internet Provider Technology. Old type connections are not that good anymore because even phone devices now are using VoIP Tech for communication and that creates alot of interferences with any Wi-Fi network. Most companies provide 100mbs at max in Speed. It isn’t much
    Find if your location has Optical Fibres installed. Find a Provider with 4G network services instead and aim for a company that can offer you reliable 200mbs maximum performance. The Tech is becoming commonly available everywhere so the price wont differ much from other providers.

If your homes internal wiring structure uses Optical Fibres or you invested for it then you will have maximum performance. I rarely drop to 197mbs from 200.

  1. Hardware:
  • Your Display can determine detail and quality and co-works with your GPU. A good Display will show lower settings even better and more detailed.

  • Your GPU - Power Supply - CPU - Cooling are very important but for AoC you don’t need the latest tech available. So determine what you need for your other more demanding games instead first.
    Make sure you can run High Settings in AoC with at least 50fps even if it drops to 30 afterwards since from there you can start making tweaks.

If you can’t reach it then propably your PC is not that good.

  1. User Interface.
  • Strange UI - Stonerune UI - IKOS whatever you prefer can make a difference boost your reaction time and speed in game by playing faster and more efficient and sometimes ‘‘Eliminate some oddities’’ User interfaces need optimization and can determine better or worse quality.
  1. PC settings.
  • I run 1440x900 but with better resolutions you will get more detailed in-game visuals even with mediocre settings. Determine wether DX9 or DX10 works for you. This is what you have to tweak first since that will be the base of your setup.

  • Make sure you have the game installed on your SSD.

  • Get the best GPU Drivers. Put AoC on Auto - High settings. Forget everything else except your personal Framerate. If it’s possible to reach 50fps. Youre set. If not = Bad PC so lower them to Medium or Raid & PvP. If you lower them even more when experiencing lags and stuttering it won’t make a difference because that’s not the cause of the problem. The cause is your PC and GPU Driver settings.

So go into your GPU settings (Nvidia Control Panel for example) and tweak your 3D settings. Consult a web optimization guide for your GPU to see which settings improve performance.

Adjust programm settings by finding AoC within your GPU control panel and save these settings for AoC.

Adjust Image settings with preview tab and use your custom preferences. For Nvidia it means ‘‘Check’’ the option ‘‘Use my preference emphasizing’’ and set to Performance or tweak manually.

Manage your 3D settings and tweak Power Management mode to ‘‘Maximum Performance’’ Texture filtering quality ‘‘Maximum Performance’’ and V-Synch Off.

  • CPU power options tweak. Go to your PCs control panel and make sure your CPU is running on High Performance and not on Power Saving modes.

  • Make sure you’re not running many tasks in the background. Even some PC themes may run certain tasks in the background as do different apps so find them and tweak them for best performance.

  • It’s also good to use an app that cleans up caches and files manually and make sure Windows is not creating unexpected System Restore Image or your Anti-Virus is not running any tasks or any app running any update. Windows 10 sucks just because of that. And the adds of course. And talking to the VI Cortana and asking her what she likes to drink is also stupid ‘‘Go get a girlfriend’’ instead of flirting with your display.

  • Open AoC. Alt-Tab and then back again. That is for windows to give priority to AoC itself.

  • Open Item Shop. Takes 2-3 secs to Load. It’s running on the background. Close it. Login Rewards too. Open and close. That’s it. You just eliminated one of the fps drop causes because it acts like a browser.

  1. AoC Settings.
  • Set your Viewing Distance by testing and wether you want to run Raid & PvP settings instead of High or Medium in case your fps drops to 30. If you can manage to stay above 50fps all is good.

Disable Anti-Alliasing and have Anisostrophic Philtering active.

Disable everything like Godrays/ Wind in trees/ Shadows/ Grass all and perform a test. Make sure you are in an open but well optimized zone without people around. Gateway to Khitai is a good zone. Perform a test, sprint, jump, hit combos everything. If you stay over 50fps you’re good.

Enable particles. Perform a test. If you stay over 50fps you’re good. Do that with Shadows and Grass and determine the quality that keeps you over 50fps. Try more demanging settings as well. Untill you start dropping lower then 50fps.

Enable Godrays. They really create a smooth optimized ambient atmosphere.

I found i can run Shadows/ Grass and High settings really well and fps doesn’t drop that much because of them.

  • Some zones don’t have the best optimization especially Old-World. Khitai gives me a steady 78-89fps depending on area and particles from casts. Some zones give me 114fps. Solo and Group instances can get me over 130fps.

  • Sometimes it’s the Server Framerate dropping. Sometimes it can’t handle many people and especially their particles so it lags. Sometimes it’s the zone that starts causing lags as soon as someone is coming in vincinity but not just anybody ‘‘It depends on his latency’’

If i have a steady 120ms and he has 250-300ms that will cause alot of oddities.

  • Old Tarantia always drops me at 35fps around the Tradepost and the Library no matter what until i stay for a minute or more around the area. Then it evens out.
    It’s not on your end…
    And some people also run different things on the background to cause lag so it’s harder for you to hit them in PvP.

That’s all you can do to improve performance and i am pretty sure others might have some tips as well.


I play on max but I always:

  • disable Bloom (materials/textures are not optimized for it so they shine too much)
  • disable enhanced water waves
  • set Godrays between 35-45

I use Default UI Enhanced Default UI Enhanced sadly it doesnt have options for res higher then default so max is 1080p/aka does not scale. Has a handy shortcut (on Y button) to show settings such as Particles/On/Off/Self/Group/Max etc…

Some zones are not optimized not matter the hardware - Wild Lands of Zelata (shivers)

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You can disable water completely in wild lands and it runs fine