AOC PVP Youtube Series!



Hey all! I used to make comedy-related AOC PVP videos a little while ago (my previous channel was Draykke Gaming) and I’ve started back up again. I know a lot of you really enjoyed them so I figured I would post in the new forums to let everyone know. I hope you guys enjoy!

WARNING: All of the videos will contain strong language/content. If that is not your thing, do not watch the videos :slight_smile:

Search ‘Bunneh Gaming’ on Youtube to find my channel (these forums do not allow hyperlinks so I cannot post my channel or the videos).


Nice with some new videos, and you can put videos straight in here.


Added a link to your video in OP.


That’s great! Thank you so much! When I tried to do that it said I wasn’t allowed to post links.


There are some restrictions in place, when you start posting more you will be able to post links.


Great video dude!


Thank you very much :slight_smile: