[AOC] Valkyrie Clan Wars [Mods]

Valkyrie Clan Wars [Mods:[AOC/EEWA] ] Level 300


Discord: https://discord.gg/nAdPEGq

:camera: Server Settings

  • Harvest Amount Multiplier : 2.0
  • Experience Multiplier : 5.0
  • Max Clan Size : 5
  • Server Restar t: 03:00 and 15:00 [GMT+3]
  • Admin support both EU and US
  • Weekly events
  • Level 300 and ascension
  • Key mods : Pippi, EEWA, AOC, Paragon Leveling, Unlock plus Pickup and lots and lots more!
  • Weekend Raiding
  • Public Market

You can select PVP or PVE! Each one comes with it’s own /kit to start out

We still have many slots opened for players. Please come check this server out if you enjoy modded servers without RP