AoW Suggestion: Remove Legendary Chests, add loot tables directly to bosses

Current State: A world boss respawns every 15 minutes and have a 50% chance each harvesting swing to drop a skeleton key which opens a skeleton chest which should respawn every 30 minutes (but usually bugs out or appears when its empty) and has a 100% legendary item drop chance with a 47 item pool.

Suggested state: A world boss respawns every 30 minutes and has a 100% chance to drop 1 legendary item of a limited pool up to 6 items max in the pool. Below is a breakdown of how each loot table would be with my justification of why the items are there.

Giant Crocodile: Shields
Reason: There have been 1000 complaints of being able to “kill a croc with daggers and instantly have a legendary weapon and this makes the game too easy”. This moves 2 of the most important QoL items for farmers to crocs and removes the easy way for beach dwelling dagger slingers to get a legendary at level 5.

Demon Spider: Short Swords / Punching Daggers / Claws or just Swords for now.
Reason: First issue is that on exiled lands there are no legendary short swords, punching daggers or claws. That needs to be fixed and them add them to the demon spider drop table. I would like a 2 / 2 / 2 spread.

Giant Spider: Bows
Reason: Spiders are a pretty easy boss to fight and like the croc shouldnt allow a level 5 with daggers to get an instantly overpowered legendary with little effort. A legendary bow is good, but without crafted arrows its not as endgame as another legendary weapon.

Giant Snake: 2H swords
Reason: In a certain 80’s movie a giant snake had its head cut off by a 2h sword (ok 1.5 hands but who is counting) 2H swords are good, and the giant snake is not an easy boss

Rockslide/Rotbranch: Maces
Reason: Maces are the king class of thrall weapons, currently momentum is slotted to be the king weapon of the king class of weapons. Let’s put that on the hardest bosses and make it a reward worth earning. (unless you have obolus to buy it on rotation)

King Rhino/Rept Monster: Hammers
Reason: This boss requires armor pen to take down easily, reward the player with a weapon that can help them take down armored foes moving forward

King Scorp: Great Axes / Katanas or just 1h axes for now.
Reason: First issue is lack of legendary Great axes and only 1 katana, we need a 3/3 spread.

Sand Reaper Queen: Spears
Reason: Sand Reaper Queen is not an easy boss or super hard (unless you cant dodge). If spears become another PvP staple then it will make these areas very interesting and require the player to know how to dodge and move to avoid the poison.

White Tiger: Daggers
Reason: These creatures are pretty agile, not too easy and hit VERY hard with a lot of bleeding. Daggers seem like a good fit.

Here’s the ones I’m not too sure about-
Tortured King: Same loot pool and UC undead bosses
Thunderfoot: Hammers as well?
The end of all hope: Guaranteed throwing daggers (maybe make 2 new types?) with % chance for nemedian helm

End Results

  1. Players have a higher chance 16.66% vs 2.13% chance to get the weapon they want which will make the unrepairability a little less impactful.
  2. New players or smug veterans can’t get a useable legendary weapon at level 5 without being really really really good.
  3. Does not require a total rebalance of world bosses movesets as the loot will balance the difficulty. (looking at you rockslide)
  4. Removes buggy legendary/skeleton chests. They seem broken but I rarely see a world boss spawn not work (except when someone builds over them).

Edit: forgot axes and swords


So, you don’t want people to have maces, is it, @forkyeah ? :laughing:

I loved the idea, but forget about only getting maces if you defeat a Rockslide or Thundefoot. Those are very powerful enemies that you have no chances of defeating alone until you have high end gear. Only very experienced fighters can do it alone, so there’s a steep difference in difficulty. Whike you can bleed Thunderfoot, you can’t bleed a Rockslide. You would have to get endgame gear, probably level a top tier thrall and equip him the best stuff etc. And finally, after vanquishing these formidable foes, you could get the brittle bastard to drop! :rofl: I assume they had their hp reduced, but even so, there’s a difference. They are on another tier of difficulty.

Other than that, I’m all for it.

For a while at least momentum will be purchaseable for about 30 blood crystals. (15 per magi cache that give 10 obolus each). There are also good maces in the UC and warmakers. There’s just such a huge gap in performance on thralls between maces and any other weapon set.
And funnily enough I took a geared thugra and he solo’d rockslide even though he was knocked down 90% of the time and swinging at air 80% of the time and I didn’t help at all. That’s how powerful maces + thralls are now.

:laughing: really? That’s pretty amazing, but considering the test I saw, if Tugra has a weapon with high AP he will destroy it. They have low HP compared with other hard bosses, bur very high armor. You could have thralls easily killing Rockslides pre AoS, but they had high hp and dmg. It became harder, but still doable in AoS.
Would you mind trying it with a berserker @forkyeah ? Because Tugra might be nerfed later on. :smile:
As a curiosity, could you check his performance against Thunderfoot and see its HP? Thunderfoot had a very high number. I wonder if FUNCOM cut it down.
Momentum is a great mace, but heavy as hell. It weights over 3x what maces use to weight. That’s its downside.

Thunderfoots at 9.2k hp still with high armor. Thugra spent 90% of the fight knocked down but only lost 500 hp, really not a dangerous fight at all.

Also momentum has 1.3x stamina cost on top of the stamina changes.

And as requested:

Rockslide has an insane amount of hits, watch the little smoke poofs when it attacks, its all over the place.
Also rockslide has no edited auto target spots on legs as I show half way in the video like elephants do now.

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A bit of a close call for the zerker, but totally doable. Dangerous, but manageable. I like it.
Tugra won over Thunderfoot without losing much health. I wonder why. Maybe it doesn’t hit all that hard?
Perhaps it has low armor pen because it is unarmed?
Thank you very much, @forkyeah ! You’re a pal!
Now, one last request, if possible. The Kings Niche. Skeletons and Tortured King. I’m almost certain Tugra will win easily, but the fact that the skeletons can’t be stunned and the accurate pokey pokey of the Tortured king adding to his high hp, perhaps can make a dent. Could you check his HP? It used to be above13k. IF you can and when you feel like it, ok? Thank you!

6k HP, the fight was over in 2 combos, the boss did actually back up before doing a spear combo so it got in 1-2 hits between the combos, but it was not a risky fight by any means.

Tugra killed the Tortured King in two combos? He dealt about 3k in each combo?
Godamn! :laughing:
Thanks again, @forkyeah ! :blush:

Also would like to note that rotbranch has less armor and a slow attack mixed in and makes it much much much easier to kill. If it had the mace loot pool it wouldn’t be that restricting

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I love this idea. It’s similar to the idea of making legendary chests have different loot depending on the biome, but also solves the problem of those chests getting buggy. Also really like the idea of adding some diversity to some of the weapon types that have none (katanas, short swords, etc)

I would kind of miss the search for/reward of finding the chest but for anyone who has played enough, they can probably beeline straight for it so it’s really a non-issue.

They could keep the chest (and not have it disappear) and just replace the loot pool with coins or treasure or something to reward those that search around.

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