AoWC3 purge suggestion

I recommend implementing a level 0 purge level that can be done by a lower level single character (no thralls). This would allow a character to have an easier onramp to purge content as well as giving them the opportunity to capture barkeep, which would allow them to get their first thrall through that mechanic.

Also, having some kind of command to “fast forward” time would be helpful in testing. It is difficult to test the barkeep by having the game run over hours in real time for patrons to arrive.


The game is easy enough as is. On the pvp server a character can hit max level in 2 hours starting from scratch.

I would say the game is too easy and should instead be made harder.


I am not talking about making the game “easier”, what I am talking about is making it simpler to access purge content. It provides and alternate method of gaining power, not an “easier” method. Furthermore, I also argue for additional purge levels.

so to have at low level ability to have at your bar the merchand that sell explosive ?
with ability to have every 3mn thousand and thousand of gold piece that allow you to buy 30 bombs each time in doing the siege of npc castle that you can chain indifinitely. what is exacyluy the problem to craft a trucheon or some blunted arrow to knock your thralls and to farm tarr and brimstone to do your bomb ?

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No. I wouldn’t be opposed to making it a hard floor on what purge levels the sellsword can spawn. Further, a new player isn’t going to be able to siege the npc castle (they aren’t a noob if they can pull that off). So, npc castle is irrelevant.

I never said there was anything “wrong” with knocking out your first thrall. What I am requesting is an alternative, to increase the options. Everyone is going to approach conan exiles slightly differently, and we are going to find different aspects of the gameplay fun. Some will enjoy not spending money on thralls, knocking them out as a barbarian. Others would rather be merchants and traders, acquiring mercenaries and thralls with coin.

Nothing is lost by opening up the game to complexity and giving multiple routes to do the same thing.

EDIT: This has nothing to do with bombs at all.

seriusly actually you just need one wall to break to access the commander (because you can bypass most of anti climb)r and for break the wall you can use for that the battering ram that you can find for free, and kill withtout any problem the commander with a bow.

problem is the alternative make thing more broken and broken.

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Not really. Newer players are unlikely to be able to pull that off. If they can, then they can just as easily ROFL stomp a purge to get the sell sword.

The alternative doesn’t do that here, so the concern doesn’t really appear. The only difference with what I am proposing is that a player can get their first thrall by fighting a slightly weaker purge, that is it. Indeed, you don’t even necessarily need to allow the barkeep at that level if you perceive it to be so game breaking (personally I am unconvinced).

Giving players the ability to play the game their way, particularly if it isn’t going to effect the experience of others is a win-win.

What’s stopping players from triggering a level 1 purge to test it out early? I did that myself, mostly for the journey. Made a small 3x3 sandstone base, put down a coffer, and put a single gold and single silver coin in it. Definitely didn’t bring any thralls to it and focused on the demolishers (though they did destroy half the base, lol).

Given that the purge journey starts at level 30, which is when you can at least upgrade foundations to tier 3, I think it’s probably intended (for new players) to try it out around that level, though you can do it earlier, just to experience it.


True. But new players aren’t going to be able to complete the first purge easily. Veterans like us find it straight forward, but newbies will be better served with a “play” purge, something simpler and smaller to get them started. Hypothetically, you should be able to complete some kind of purge at level 30 with iron weapons and no thralls in my mind. That can serve as the launching point to higher tiers of difficulty. (If a player wants to grind a hypothetical level 0 purge, why shouldn’t we let them?)

That’s what I’m saying though; I was a lower level with a sandstone base, no thralls, and no epic armor or weapons. I did have I think steel or hardened steel rather than iron (because I hightailed it to the north and they have nicer weapon drops).

If I had built a little better, I probably could have defended better but I literally didn’t care about the base itself because my actual base was up the hill from where I put the coffer. I think a level 1 should be totally doable by a new level 30 without thralls and, if things don’t go well, it’s probably a teachable moment on what to prepare for if they want to ramp up the difficulty (sandstone stuff crumbles in a single hit from a demolisher, pathing, etc). I don’t think making it any easier would do any favors for anyone if they legitimately want to learn the game.

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I would want it to be doable with iron and sandstone (enough to grind it reliably). Letting players experience a purge only gameplay ought to be viable.

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